Change the color of a wall or entire room in a classy way. The Color Up-Lighting is one of our most popular upgrades, with the ability to match the walls of the room to any color palette. The color can either be a static color, change to the beat of the music, fade or strobe depending on the atmosphere you are looking to create.  All of our Color Up-Lighting is battery powered for a clean installation so that your guests will not be tripping over any wiring.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lights are a great way to transform your plain & ordinary room into a club-like atmosphere! Colors, shapes, designs, patterns and light shows will fill the room to create a memorable party experience. We call these lights intelligent because we tell them what to do, and they listen.

GOBO "Name in Lights"

A very popular upgrade for a guest(s) of honor as they can write their initials or name anywhere in the room through our lighting fixtures.  This Custom Gobo is design for you, or you can submit your design to us. Also a great addition to any corporate event as you have the ability to put your logo / company name anywhere in the room.



Up to 20 Battery-Powered Light Fixtures

Intelligent Lighting

2 - Moving Head Light Fixtures

GOBO "Name in Lights"

Choose either Animated or Motionless

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Dance Stages

L.E.D. Dance Stages

Lounge Decor

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