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Safety Precautions

We’re living in a new normal, but there will always be a reason to celebrate.
Sound of Life Entertainment has implemented some new health measures & practices to keep our staff and your guests as safe as possible.

Temperature Checks

We are requiring all staff to check their temperature before leaving for an event. Should he/she be above average, a replacement will be immediately implemented.


All staff will be required to wear a mask during setup and breakdown. It is up to the client’s discretion if they want masks to be worn during the event.

Guest Interaction

When taking requests and interacting with clients, DJs will maintain a safe distance. We will be offering options that will enable your guests to make requests electronically.


All microphones used by guests will be sanitized before and after each use. We will also be providing microphone stands for guests to minimize physical contact.

Hand Washing

All staff will be required to wash hands multiple times during an event, especially after setup, or in any instance when physical contact is made. (I.e. When a microphone is being exchanged for toasts.)

Hand Sanitizer

All staff will be supplied with hand sanitizer and will be required to apply it multiple times over the course of an event.

Photo Booth

For the time being, we will NOT be providing props with our booths. The booth attendant will be wearing gloves and will wipe down the booth between each guest experience. Hand sanitizer will be available at the booth for guests to use.


Please reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you have regarding your event.

COVID-19 Updates

Recent News & Updates

We are still “open for business” to discuss your event details and/or even book or plan your upcoming event. We are just not doing any actual events until approval is given from the appropriate jurisdictions (local and/or state governments).

What You Should Know...

If your event is within the next 90-180 days from today, and you feel uncomfortable with the current uncertainty, we recommend being proactive with looking into alternative options. Ie, postponing your date.
If your event is more than 180 days away, our suggestion is to wait it out until your states next “lift date”. More information should be available by this time and we should have a better idea of what the next step should be.

What You Can/Should Do...

Watch the news & stay up-to-date with the restrictions taking place in your state! Sound of Life Entertainment does business in many states, and although the immediate states in the area (NY, NJ, CT, DE) are practicing similar "social" protocols, restrictions may still vary depending on the location of your event.
Stay in touch! If you have an event booked with us or are planning to book an event with us and we haven't reached out to you yet, CONTACT US! We have families and loved ones and we are also trying to adjust to this new way of life. It doesn't mean we don't care about you! Reach out to us and we will gladly discuss any of your concerns!

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