L.E.D. TV Screens

LED TV’s is one of our most popular upgrades because it gives the ability to show photos, videos, montages or a presentation during your event. The screens are supported by aluminum towers, that are illuminated with a color of your choosing.

Zap-Shot Photography

Zap Shot is the most popular photo service we provide. Our charismatic and professional photographers know what photos to take during events. We will be happy to take any photos you would like in addition to our standard family, table, dancing and candid shots. Add our LED TV’s and the Zap Shot Photographer’s photos will be shown as a instant montage for you and your guests to view.

Custom Photo Montage


Custom Photo Montage/Slideshow with music chosen by client and pictures provided by client (in any format) & 3 copies will be provided to client on USB Flash Drive at the end of the event.

Custom Photo Sign-In Board